Client Testimonials

Emma Kelliher

Vicky knows her lash techniques but more importantly she knows exactly how to teach them, she spots every hand movement you make in error even when you haven’t realised your doing it. Im already Classic and Volume trained but wow Vicky has given me so much more to improve my work. Thank you, a true professional and an absolute lovely lady.

Sheun Balogun

I did a lash course a few years ago, I was totally put off by the training that I never went ahead with taking clients. Recently I decided to take a refresher course and start my lash business. I did a lot of research and came across Vicky Rugg a Sugar Lash educator and Lash artist. I took a very intense one day classic lashes course (one on one training) I loved every moment of it. At the end of the session I was able to confidently, isolate lashes and apply lash extensions to the natural lashes. Vicky even taught me various techniques that would set me apart from other lash technicians in the industry and I am so excited to start my new venture. Even weeks after the training I send Vicky SOS messages when I need advice about a client or need my work to be reviewed/critiqued. I’m so grateful to have her as a mentor.

I call her my Fairy Lash Mother! She’s simply the Best!

Thanks Vicky.

Dee Thompson

I live over 800 miles from Vicky so I have not been privileged enough to have a training day with her. However, I had a few questions regarding lash application that my original tutor couldn’t answer for me. I messaged Vicky and she was more than happy to help and give me as much advice as possible. Now I’m performing classic lash treatments at a far higher standard than before.

Natalie May Hamilton

I thoroughly enjoyed training with Vicky. She has so much knowledge and is always on hand for tips and advice and support. Thank you Vicky! 100% book training with Vicky.

Livia Wright

Would definitely recommend Vicky to anybody looking to do lash training! Learnt so much in just one day and came away feeling very confident, thank you so much Vicky for such a fab day training, you really are the best!!

Kacy Clark

I came to Vicky for Volume training. Well what can I say… What an amazing lady!!! Wonderful from start to finish and just an all round beautiful person inside and out. Thank you!

Gemma Rouse

I saw Vicky for a 1-1 training day in volume lashes and it was amazing! Vicky makes you feel at ease and talks you through everything thoroughly. Everything you need to know is covered and if you have any questions or need to go over something more than once then you really feel comfortable to ask. After the day I felt really excited and fully prepared to do volume lashes for clients. It has definitely had a very positive impact on my lash business, I have become a lot busier and it was the perfect next step for me. With continuing support and encouragement from Vicky I know I will continue to develop as a lash artist. Thank you so much!!

Emma Heathcote

An amazingly skilled lady is Vicky! learnt so much from her in such a short space of time… definitely recommend her training courses!

Rebecca Eisen

I had 4 hours mentoring with Vicky and I can honestly say it was priceless, she is so patient and explains everything really well. My sets of lashes have now stepped up a notch and Vicky is always on hand to answer any questions I have.

Rachel Maria

Vicky has been a absolute God send to me. To have a mentoring session and learn her ways of lashing and passing her knowledge and tips was so useful and helpful. She is always there to help when I struggle and push me.

Jenny Day-Marr

I trained with Vicky just over 2 weeks ago. She is a fantastic teacher. She is very thorough and very patient! I spent hours struggling to pick up a fan. She was very encouraging and positive and really made me believe that I would perfect the skill in time. Vicky is very easygoing, friendly and enormously talented. I really enjoyed my days training, but it doesn’t end there…. Vicky is there always there to advise as you work through your case studies. Thanks again Vicky.

Abby Ludlow

I did my classic lashes training today and have come home feeling so excited to get started! I learnt so much and really enjoyed the day! Vicky is a real lovely lady and couldn’t recommend enough.

Rebecca Leather

I travelled from Preston to Vicky for my volume training, and it was well worth the journey. Comfortable and welcoming environment and the best support I could of asked for. Her work speaks for itself so I’m privileged to have been trained by her and be in the squad. Can’t wait to book onto a masterclass…

Roxy Canty-Currie

Did my training with Vicky yesterday coming all the way from Canada. Two words – THE BOMB. She is simply amazing and really helped me perfect my craft.

Michelle Ellis

Vicky is Amazing, she has a true passion for lashing which reflects in the course and she helped me so much with the case studys too. I was not as confident as I thought. Vicky Pushed me to do my very best, as the fans take practice. I achieved more confidence than I ever imagined. The training day was great I really enjoyed it. She explains everything so clearly and is with you every step of the way. Highly Recomended. Im really glad I took the course my clients love volume lashes.

Lizzie Wilding

I did my training with Vicky last week, I absolutely loved it, even before my training I had so many questions and Vicky would answer them in no time. A week on from my training and I’m so happy with how far I have come already! I’m in touch with Vicky all the time asking more questions and she’s always giving me feed back which is helping me improve each time. I would high recommend Vicky as your trainer as you will only want the best. I call her the “lash celebrity” as everyone in the lash industry knows how amazing Vicky is. Very happy and worth every penny!

Rachel Doyle

I trained in russian volume lashes with Vicky back in December and my business has gone from strength to strength. I couldn’t have done it without her continued support, even to this day. Just wish I lived closer so she could do my lashes!